“I’ve found your techniques to be highly relevant to mapping. There is information implied in the floating space of maps and you’ve done a great job of clarifying how you can take advantage of it. I think you’re right to present it alongside mind mapping as it’s almost like a more advanced version. ”
Kyle McFarlin, MBA Visual Strategy Expert / Mindjet & Gyronix Certified


Free Your Mind… And The Rest Will Follow!

You will see the word summap often on this website. The summap is the way I visualize information. That’s basically it. I take information and create an overview on a piece of paper or on my computer. The word summap is created by taking two words and putting them together.

These words are summary and map.

A summap may look at first sight like a mindmap (which you may know). There are a number of differences between the two methods of working. Understanding this is not really important for you right now (if you do want to know more please contact me).


What is important is what you can do with it.

A mindmap normally shows you a lot of (detailed) information regarding a certain topic. A summap creates an overview of that information but places it in a bigger picture. It shows relationships between the information and its environment and relating topics. This enables you to understand the information on a deeper level. You might say you are not making information maps but you are constructing knowledge or relational maps.

This is something very powerful to people who want to understand situations, information but also themselves and other people much better. If you want to understand yourself and other better, I would suggest you start creating summaps today!

The people I train tell me after they learned how to create summaps that they understand information and situations (and very important themselves!!!) much better. The summap is there to give you this as well.

In short: the summap gives you improved clarity and insight. This will eventually lead to you to being more successful than before (of course you need to act upon the new knowledge or wisdom in order to create that success).

Still, you need to understand that a summap is just a tool. And just as any other tool, a summap is just as powerful as the skills you have for using it.

That is why I want to invite you to have a look at the summapping e-book. This is a book explaining how to create summaps and why we do things in a certain manner using this tool.

I think you will be amazed about, and also very comfortable using summaps. I guarantee you that they have the power to change your information management for the better.


What’s the next step?

OPTION 1: If you want to start learning more on the summap method, you can visit the web-shop and purchase the Summapping e-book. For this, you can use this link to purchase the book.

OPTION 2: I understand if you have questions for me. Just contact me. Of course you can also contact me to inquire for information on personal coaching.

Move forward in Visual Thinking now…


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