Dear Presentation Friend,

Let’s face it, presentations are usually things which need to be done under some or even a lot of time pressure. Nothing wrong with that… only when it happens to you.

Since there is little time, you often have to ‘wing it’ and hope for the best. This is no longer needed when you invest only¬† $ 9 in this manual.

Learn how you will be able to …

  • Identify exactly what you need to put into your presentation to make it as effective as possible
  • How you only have to create only one mindmap to outline your ideas in a clear and easy to follow format
  • What you can do to make the outline even more powerful so your audience will be looking at it and listening to you during your presentation
  • How perfect hand-outs can be created in less than 1 minute
  • What you need to do to deliver your presentation in a way that people will almost be asking you for more information
  • How just one sheet of paper helps you to improve your presentation and make it fit even better to meet the demands of your audience
You Probably Ask Yourself Why Am I Only Charging  $ 9 For This Practical Manual?

I want as many people to benefit from making mindmaps and delivering presentations which give you the results you are looking for. Yes, I know I should be asking for much more for this… but I won’t do that right now.

The reason for this is because this is the first time I have made this practical manual available in this format. I want to see how it helps you in your work or studies.

Also, I want to assist you the best way possible to create presentations in less than 15 minutes. After that, I will ask you to share with me your experiences. This will give me a chance to show others how well this system works. That will enable me to raise the price. Fortunately you already have your copy then already. The best thing is… you will receive updates to this report whenever they are available.

And just to be completely honest, I want you to become a customer of mine for life. What better way than to give you a really good deal? That will make you much more likely to consider future products I plan on releasing.


3 Bonuses To Make Your Purchase A No-Brainer

I know the easiest way to make a sale is to give you 10 times more value per dollar than you can get anywhere else.

So to make sure you’re getting at least ten times the value today, I’ve arranged for you to have access to these time-limited bonuses.

Bonus #1 ( $ 49.95)

20% Discount On MindMapper Software

Receive 20% discount on your MindMapper software license. You can choose MindMapper Standard, Professional or even the MindMapper USB!


Bonus #2 ( $ 24.95):

15 Minute Personal Coaching Call

Yes, we will be talking about your mindmapped presentation in detail during your personal coaching call. I know this is probably way too much of a bonus for a product with this price… but I just love to do this AND it is a limited bonus.

This means it can be removed at any moment!


Bonus #3 ( $ 24.95):

Life Time Updates

Whenever there is an update to this manual, or when videos are added… you receive free updates.

Did you see that the combines value of these bonuses are at least 10 times the investment in the Stress Free Presenting manual!!!

No Risk For You At All! [/guarantee_bar_30Day

You don't risk anything when you say yes to my offer today. I'm going to extend to you a 30 day, no-questions asked, money back guarantee.

Here's how it works. If for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide this product isn't for you in the next 30 days, simply contact me and let me know. I'll refund every penny of your purchase promptly and without question.

With that in mind, you have absolutely nothing to lose]


So What Will It Be?

Stress Free Presenting With Mindmaps Manual
$ 17 now $ 9

P.S. Remember, this is an introductory offer, so the price is likely to increase at any time. So don’t delay, act now to get your hands on the Stress Free Presentations With Mindmaps Method.