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Learn to organize and manage all your information on a single sheet, without stress!

Especially the simplicity to overview and manage my work helped me a lot… and every single day it does this again
a member of the online mind mapping training

Dear Future Mindmapper,

A training must enable you to move forward in a practical manner. After all, you don’t take part in a training course because you might perhaps use it later on. This is the exact formula that was used to develop and create this training: Give you the skills to organize, manage and use your information today!

Since you learn how to organize information in a clear structure, your brain will love this! This makes it a lot easier to deal with lots of different information resources and understand them.

In fact, I dare to state that by taking this online mind mapping training, you will experience a lot less stress, maintain your balance and feel more confident when you are faced with lots of information.

This practical training teaches you:

  • capture, organize, manage and use your information the right way
  • plan your days, weeks, project and time easily
  • make information much more understandable to yourself and others
  • have better interviews and conversations and get more out of them
  • summarize reports much faster and better and make them clearer
  • deliver clear and memorable presentations
  • And much more…
I Present You The 5 Module Video Training

Because it is so much easier to simply watch a video, than having to read everything, we decided to create a VIDEO TRAINING. Each module in this video training is accompanied by a mindmap. This way you have all the information from the video training in an easy to use mindmap (PDF format).

Let’s have a look at what you get and learn and what the practical outcome is from taking this training:

a good foundation gives you all the options and possibilities to get where you want to go

In the first module of your training, we will have a look at what mind mapping is and how you can benefit from it.

You learn exactly why mindmaps are that good for your brain. In fact, your mindmap will become something like an external brain that you can use and ask questions!

Besides that, you will learn how you create effective mindmaps. We have a look at mind mapping on paper and mind mapping on your computer.

Note that during this training you will not only learn the traditional method of mind mapping, as Tony Buzan describes this in his books. We also have a look at practical mind mapping, a method which gives you lots of benefits when mind mapping and visualizing information.

Bonus: Question and Answer session 1

This training was delivered live to a group of people during a 5 week course.

All questions of the participants were answered in additional sessions. You receive the video answers so you can watch them and learn even more from the questions of other people.

Topics discussed during this session are:

  • More information on your brain
  • When to mindmap?
  • How do I learn to draw better
  • Is it possible to create even more effective overviews?
  • Does this work in real life situations?
  • When to mindmap, and when not…
Bonus: Video Mind Mapping on Paper

Many people find it difficult to get going with mind mapping on paper.

That is why this practical video is created. You will see exactly what I see when I create a mindmap on paper.

personal efficiency… but then really practical!

How do you use a mindmap in your personal life? That is what we will discuss in module 2.

In this module, you will learn the two reasons why you and others like you use mind mapping, and how this improves your communication skills enormously.

Furthermore, you learn more about the usage of mindmaps on paper and on your computer.

The third message for you in this module is the master mindmap. This concept is very important if you don’t just want to create mindmaps, but when you really want to benefit from them. The master mindmap helps you in managing all your information.


Bonus: Question and Answer session 2

This training was delivered live to a group of people during a 5 week course.

All questions of the participants were answered in additional sessions. You receive the video answers so you can watch them and learn even more from the questions of other people.

Topics discussed during this session are:

  • More about the usage of images
  • Mindmap structure on paper
  • The T.A.P. Proces
  • Summarizing a book
  • Using master mindmaps
  • Using mindmap software
  • Mindmaps and even better information management


mind mapping helps you to gain insight and understanding in information faster, which helps you to remember it faster and longer

Mind mapping was developed to help you understand information faster and to remember it better.

You don’t need dozens of sheets with information anymore. From now on you can summarize a book on 1, maybe 2 pages!

The academic aspect of mind mapping has to do with situations in which you have to deal with lots of information that you collect or pass on to others.

I never thought I could manage a project on a single sheet of paper!

Business mind mapping is something which is done more and more. Many manager, team and projects leaders, but also CEO’s of large companies use mind mapping. Now is the time for you to start doing this as well!

Share your information with people using mindmaps… and you have their attention immediately. Because of your business mindmap, you can manage your project (or multiple projects) from one sheet of paper!

The moment you do this, you become much more productive and effective in what you do. You will be able to do more in less time.

The final benefit of business mind mapping that I’d like to share with you now is that you can create a very good overview of your project with your team members. People will become more involved with the project when you mindmap together.

Bonus: Question and Answer session 3

This training was delivered live to a group of people during a 5 week course.

All questions of the participants were answered in additional sessions. You receive the video answers so you can watch them and learn even more from the questions of other people.

Topics discussed during this session are:

  • Different intelligences
  • mindmaps for communicating
  • Emails
  • Mastermaps, even more information
  • Review of mindmaps
  • The sales meeting in a mindmap


this will take you far beyond ‘just’ making mindmaps!

In the previous modules, you learned how to mindmap. But is that all there is… mind mapping?

Personally I believe making mindmaps is something I have to do, but I want to spend as little time as possible on it. There is something much more important, yet most people forget this… And that is exactly what you learn in this module!

Besides that, you learn in this module that there are other methods for visualizing information. We will have a look at some practical applications.

Because of this module, and of course your determination and practice, you become a master mindmapper who uses mind mapping when needed and you do this the right way

IMPORTANT: during this final module, you receive a number of very important tips on using mindmaps in your own situation.


Bonus: Question and Answer session 4

This training was delivered live to a group of people during a 5 week course.

All questions of the participants were answered in additional sessions. You receive the video answers so you can watch them and learn even more from the questions of other people.

Topics discussed during this session are:

  • More answers about using images and pictures
  • Practical usage


Do you see where this is going?
You become a Master in Mind Mapping!

The most important result of this training is that you become a master in creating mindmaps. What this actually means is that you will understand when to use a mindmap and how to create it the way you benefit most from it. You learn how to actually USE mindmaps to your advantage. You will be able to create mindmaps on both paper as well as on your computer.

Especially being able to USE a mindmap is something you will not find in other mindmap training courses. The reason for this? Other people tell you how to create a mindmap. That is important, but not what you want. You want to benefit from your mindmap, not just create them! A mindmap you made which is not being used is nothing more than wasting your time!!!

A mindmap that you use, edit, adjust and use again will become a simple tool that you never thought could be this powerful! And that is what I want to teach you – create mindmaps which give you insight and overview and help you move forward in work, your studies, at home, or just in life in general!


The Mindmap Becomes Your Personal Assistant

A mindmap that works for you is like having a personal assistant that is available 24×7. That’s right, now you can get as many personal assistants as you like. Need another one to help you with a project? Just create a mindmap! Your assistants will be there for you to deliver the right information at the right time.

To make sure you will get even more than personal assistants and insight and understanding in your information, I have a couple of very relevant bonuses for you.


4 Bonuses For Even Better Results

So you want to save time, gain understanding and overview, reduce stress, and do this all as practical and simple as possible? I hear you. I couldn’t agree more with you. To make sure you get the best results possible, I have a number of extras for you so you can decide to enroll today.


Bonus #1 ( $ 99.95): 3 Mindmap Evaluations

Send me your paper or digital mindmap. I will give you practical ideas and tips to create an even more effective mindmap.

This is a time sensitive bonus which can be removed at any time.


Bonus #2 ( $ 49.95): 20% Discount on MindMapper software

Receive 20% discount on your own MindMapper software license. You can choose any version. Why MindMapper you ask? Because the MindMapper software solutions are the tools which give you the best results in the shortest time! You can choose the MindMapper Professional, MindMapper Standard and even the MindMapper USB version.

Bonus #3 ( $ 49.95): A Full Your Personal Support

Have a question? Something not clear for you? Let me know and I will help you move forward again. The problem with most people is that they don’t get practical answers to burning questions. Well… with this bonus, you will never feel lost again!

Bonus #4 ( $ 49.95): 30 Minutes of Personal Coaching

The online mindmap training helps you to create mindmaps which offer overview and insight. You learn how to mindmap effectively. Should you have additional questions, you definitely love this coaching call. During our conversation, you will get a direct answer to all your burning questions.

VERY TIME SENSITIVE BONUS which can be removed any moment.


All together, these 4 bonuses are worth more than twice the price of this training! A smart investment, I’d say. And we are not even talking about the time and money benefits from learning how to mindmap and have more overview and insight!


I believe you should not feel you take any risk when investing in the online mindmap training. I don’t like taking risks with money either. That’s why…

Buy the online mindmap training today and you can start with the first module right away

When you feel within 30 days that this training is not helping you move forward in mastering mind mapping, you let me know. You get your money back, no questions asked. Clearly a strong guarantee that shows you how much confidence I have in this training.


That’s why…

Online Mindmap Training
from $ 197 now just $ 27

I sign up right now and receive all the bonuses mentioned above!

I understand that this is a 6 week training course and I learn exactly how to get the most out of my mindmaps.

I understand that I make a single payment when I order now. I also get access to all the bonuses and training material via the website and the download links.

I receive immediately access to the first module. The next weeks, I automatically receive the other modules.

Your training starts after your payment is received.
You receive your login details via email.

After your training starts, you receive an email with a confirmation link. Click the link in that message to be automatically updated when there is new training material available.


I look forward to seeing you in the training!

Best regards,

Arjen ter Hoeve

P.S. As you know there are a couple of time sensitive bonuses. When you order today, I make sure you get them. When you order later, I can’t guarantee they are available. That is why I urge you to take immediate action and start your training today.

Can you afford not to have a good overview in your information at home or at work? If you can’t take action. Make sure you don’t hit yourself over the head for not taking action. Click here to enroll right now