MindMapper 12 Professional
Your Solution For Information Management

It seems there is just too much information to manage… and there is getting more and more information towards you! What will you do about that?

These last years, I’ve been working with many business professionals who were experiencing what you feel now as well. There is so much information. Fortunately there was a solution for them. And there is a solution for you as well!

The solution to your information management problem is simple and very effective. There is a software tool that gives you the ability to manage:

  • all your projects on a single sheet of paper
  • your thoughts and brainstorm sessions in a simple format
  • presentations which you will create in just 25% of the time it used to take you

When you start to use this tool, you are most likely to save up to 2 hours of time each day!

Are You Ready To Save 2 Hours Of Time Each Day?

What would you do with that extra time?

Would you  do more work? Or would you go home on time and spend time with your family, partner, friends or just doing things you want to do on your own?

I am sure you love to do that!

Introducing MindMapper 12 Professional

The tool I was telling you about is called MindMapper 12 Professional. It will allow you to

  • save more time
  • enjoy greater clarity in your work
  • manage your information better

Here Are The Most Important NEW Features Of MindMapper 12 Professional

  • More mapping directions, now with a table format
  • MindMapper Android for mobile mind mapping
  • MindMapper Collaboration tool improved
  • Create Presentations and Templates easily
  • Improved User Interface
  • Tweet about your mindmap from MindMapper 12 Professional

Of course it is great to know what features there are in MindMapper. But is that really what you need and want?

I bet you want to use some of the above mentioned features. But what you really want is a tool which helps you to capture, organize and make you benefit from all the information around you. In short, that is exactly what MindMapper does.


MindMapper enables you to quickly and intuitively take all your data and create an overview in your computer. It doesn’t matter if this is data from books, conversations or straight from your own imagination.


After you have all the information in MindMapper, you organize it. This is the process in which you transform information into knowledge. You transform information overload into clarity. You take stress and create peace of mind. You will be amazed how easy this is and how much you benefit from it!


That’s right… this is the step most ‘experienced mindmap creators’ often neglect to do. They are so proud of their mindmap they usually move forward by creating yet another mindmap.

You should not do that! Take your mindmap and USE IT. Use it a couple of days, a week or even longer. I now use only 3 mindmaps of which one is a mindmap of all my projects, thoughts and ideas. This mindmap is used for 90 days! After that, I create a new one and that one will assist me the next 90 days.

The important benefits MindMapper has to offer you


The easiest to use mindmap tool

This enables you to move information into a practical and clean computer mindmap. This way you will save time and create a better insight in what you are dealing with

Import Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

Doing this allows you to get a more complete overview of information. Just manage your projects in one place. It couldn’t be easier than this!

Export Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook

Now you can take your mindmap and export it to MS Word, PowerPoint and many different other formats. You can also think about creating a PDF from your mindmap. Or you create an image (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.) from the mindmap you created. Easy when your co-workers don’t use MindMapper… yet…


Smart Collaboration with your co-workers

Work on your mindmap with other people, at the same time! The beauty is, they don’t even need a registered license! When you have a registered MindMapper license and a collaboration subscription (additional investment needed for this), you are good to go.

Relationship Lines To Connect Information

The relationship line helps you to connect information in a special way outside the mindmap structure.

Focused on achieving results

MindMapper is a productivity tool which helps you to manage and use the information you are faced with. Enjoy the freedom of being able to choose what you do, instead of being forced to do something!


The Most Important Areas Of Use:
  • Manage your projects from one single mindmap
  • Create and deliver stunning presentations which captivate your audience
  • Prepare sales meetings in less than half the time it used to take
  • Take notes at conversations, meetings and presentations
  • Understand your information and ideas by putting them into perspective
  • Travel lighter because you only need a couple of mindmaps instead of all that paperwork

Now it is time to take action. You’ve read this page, you know how MindMapper will assist you in your life, work and information management. Now it is up to you.

Do you feel you deserve to enjoy an easier life? If so, order MindMapper USB today and I will ship the USB to you right away.

  • Enjoy the benefits of having control over your information, all the time
  • Get 1 year support and updates on your license via email and phone
  • Receive an invitation to our monthly Visual Thinking Webinar