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"If I only had known this practical technique before..."

How often did I hear this response from my clients who read the book and used my advice…. It is sad to hear that so many people learn how to mindmap after they went to college and even university, only to find out later on that there is such a practical and easy way to manage their information… easily.

Fortunately you are on this page right now. I want to advice you to take action right now. When you start to apply mind mapping for your self, right now is the best time to start that.

This is exactly what you learn in this book:

  • You learn how your brain manages information and how you can feed exactly the right things to it to make it much easier to remember information
  • What you need to do to remember information faster and longer
  • The 10 most important mindmap tips that help you create the perfect mindmap
  • How you can mindmap ANY BOOK in under one hour… without even reading the book ever before!
  • What mindmaps can and will do for you when you take notes, plan your day/month/life, how to present information and how it supports you in your studies
  • And much more…
Knowledge is power? I don’t think so!

What you need to do is identify, organize and understand the information and knowledge around you. The moment you actually USE the insights and your knowledge… then you experience that knowledge truely is power!

A mindmap makes it possible for you to transform all your knowledge and information in a very simple and clear process in useable knowledge resources. You actually create pictures from information. Your brain will love this and will process and understand that information much faster than before. This allows you to use that knowledge.

This way studying becomes so much easier. Managing your workload is simple again. Running departments and project is done with a smile on your face. You remove (information) stress (almost) completely!

Imagine this…

Suppose you can handle your work much easier. You have a very clear picture of your information, thoughts, projects and work. What would that mean to you?

Do you think you would feel better? Calmer perhaps? Would you experience hardly any stress? Will that increase your overview and understanding of what happens around you?

I am sure you feel this would be true. The beauty of the mindmap e-book is that you can start to experience this starting today!

3 Bonuses To Make Your Purchase A No-Brainer

You want to save time, gain understanding, reduce stress and you want to do this as practical, fast and easy as possible. I completely agree! To make sure you can benefit from all of this, I created a number of additional bonus gifts for you… if you decide right now to invest in the book.

Bonus #1 ( $ 24.95)

Video Demonstration Mind Mapping On Paper

This video will give you a step by step approach to mind mapping on paper. Making mindmaps is really easy, and I will show you that in thie ‘live’ video.


Bonus #2 ( $ 24.95):

Mindmap Evaluation

Send me your mindmap (digital or on paper) and I will send you advice on how to make you own mindmap more effective. Anybody can create a mindmap. Not everybody can create effective visual overviews immediately. This bonus will give you more insight in the way a practical mindmap user does this that create lasting positive impact.

This bonus can be removed at any time due to the amount of time and effort I put into doing these evaluations.


Bonus #3 ( $ 24.95):

15 Minute Coaching Call

This book gives you all the information you need to create mindmaps and benefit from them. If you have any additional questions, we plan a Coaching Call. During this call, you can ask me anything about mind mapping and especially your mindmaps.

This valuable bonus can be removed at any time.

Did you see that the combines value of these bonuses is at least 3 times the investment in the mindmap e-book!!!

It is important to know that you don’t have any risk in buying the book. I don’t like risk and you probably don’t either. That is why I want you to invest in the book today, without any of that. That’s why…

Invest in the e-book today and download it immediately. Read it and should you not feel this book hasn’t helped you in learning how to make and use mindmaps in the next 30 days, you let me know. You will get a complete refund, no questions asked. No problem! I want you to be happy with what you invest your money in. Clearly a perfect guarantee!

No Risk For You At All!

That’s why…
The Mindmap E-Book ( $ 24,95 now $ 17)

P.S. As you know, the bonuses will not stay available for everybody always. When you don’t order right now, next time the bonuses might be gone. Don’t take that risk. Take action right now and order your book now

Can you afford to not have a clear understanding of what your information is? Do you want to feel like you are missing things? I know you don’t want that. Take action right now and don’t hit yourself over the head for not ordering the book. Clik here to order the Mindmap E-book right now