Dear Friend,

Most people spend way too much time creating mindmaps on paper which don’t work. On the other hand, this supports an industry of trainers who are willing to sell fancy expensive training courses to teach you mind mapping.

I won’t waste your time. I know you want to manage your information the easiest way possible. You only want to use a simple, instant solution which shows you how to mindmap on paper. I can give you just that. And best of all, if you say yes today, you can get it for my absolutely crazy introductory price of just € 9.

Here’s what you’ll discover…

  • The 4 essential steps to creating any mindmap you desire to make
  • The most important 5th step most trainers won’t tell you about but which is essential
  • What you need to do when you feel you can’t draw images in your mindmaps
  • How you will create a practical and effective mindmap in as little time as needed


WHAT? Only $ 9 For This?

Truth be told, I should be asking for much more. Browse on the internet and you will see books and training courses which are way more expensive than this price.

There is a reason I kept the price so low. I specifically wrote this book or manual for you. This manual is a step by step instruction guide to learn how to create mindmaps on paper. I want to use this manual to get a feel of how much demand there is for this.

Right now, since this product is so new, there aren’t any testimonials of people who read, used and benefited from it. I want you to benefit from this manual and let me know what you can do much better right now.

Finally, I want us to work together over time, not just once. So that is why you receive it for such a small investment.


2 Amazing Bonuses To Give You Tenfold Your Investment!

I believe in value for money. You need to get at least 10 times back what you invest. Period.

You receive at least 10 times your investment with your purchase. I made sure about that using these 2 time-limited bonuses.


Bonus #1: A Video Showing You How To Mindmap On Paper

What better bonus than to just show you how to mindmap on a sheet of paper. This is a special video from my Online Mind Mapping Training. This video shows you just how easy it is to mindmap using only a few pens and a (big) sheet of paper.


Bonus #2: 30 Minute Personal Coaching Session

This is a very special and of course time sensitive bonus. I want to assist you in making mindmaps so you and I can talk for 30 minutes with each other to make your mindmaps even better. When many people start buying this book, you know I will remove this bonus! There are only 48 times 30 minutes each day available…



Don’t you like to risk your money either? We’ve got that in common.

You don’t risk anything when you say yes to my offer right now. You receive a 30 day no questions, money back guarantee.

Here’s how it works. If you for any reason (or no reason at all) decide this product isn’t for you in the next 30 days, you send me an email to let me know. I will refund you your purchase promptly and without question.

This means you have absolutely nothing to lose!


I understand I’ll be downloading the Create Mind Maps On Paper E-book for a tiny one-time payment of just  $ 9 when I act now!

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you’re generous enough to offer me a 30-day money-back guarantee if I’m unsatisfied in anyway.