Do you want to benefit much more
from your current information?
Learn how to create clear visual overviews
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From: Arjen ter Hoeve,



Dear Future Mindmap Expert,

Are you ready to not just learn how to mindmap, but actually benefit from your mindmaps? If so, this is the boot camp training you deserve!

Have You Seen How Much Mindmap Information Is Out There?

I just googled how many pages there are on how to learn mind mapping.

The result… almost 2,280,000 pages!!!

That is a lot of information sources. But are they helping you to become a good mindmapper?

Think about it… Is this really what you want to do? Take all this information from many different websites and figure it all out yourself?

I guess not!

Here’s What I’ve Got For You

I have a Mind Mapping Bootcamp Training for you. What this basically means is that I teach you how to create mindmaps and assist you in becoming a skilled mind mapper who can manage his (or her) self, environment and time much better.

This training is delivered via online VIDEO
PLUS you receive the slides of our sessions

In fact… just as in all my mindmap courses, learning how to make mindmaps is only a very small portion (only part of the first module you receive). You will learn so much more!

Just To Let You Know What You Can Expect
  • For the next 10 weeks, you will receive 22 training sessions ranging from 5 to 15 minutes.
  • You get the training session and you receive the presentation slides I use in the session in PDF format.
  • At the end of your training, there will be a nice surprise on which I won’t reveal anything right now.

The complete training is 174 minutes (and 3 seconds) of video. Yes, that is almost 3 full hours of training, in 22 lessons.


Maybe you think… 10 weeks of training??? That long? Yes, it takes that long for a reason. I want you to become a skilled mind mapper, or visual mapper. I don’t want you to take the information and just read it and have a look at it and feel you already know this. You may now it! But do you really understand it and do you apply the information? Probably not.

That is why this training takes you in 10 weeks from what you know right now to becoming a skilled mind mapper. Every week you receive 2 new training sessions and you APPLY what you learn! That is the only way to improve your skills.


This Is Exactly What You Learn:
Module 101: The Framework
Total Training Time In This Module: 29:25 min

Mind mapping is not that different from what you already do. It is just a system or framework that helps you to deal with your information in a very easy and straight forward manner.

Let’s start with the basics of mind mapping. You will learn these things:

  • What is a mindmap (6:31 min)
  • How to create a mindmap (7:13 min)
  • Where and when to use mindmaps (7:15 min)
  • Paper or computer mindmaps? (8:26 min)

After this module, you know how to create a mindmap and you know when to use it (very important!).

Module 102: Practical Usage
Total Training Time In This Module: 42:46 min

After learning how to create a mindmap, you are ready to move forward in applying the technique.

This means that we are going to USE mindmaps in our personal, academic and professional life.

  • Mindmaps in your personal life (5:52 min)
  • Studying with mindmap (9:34 min)
  • Running your business using a single mindmap (7:11 min)
  • Presentations with mindmaps (5:27 min)
  • 10 #1 mindmap usages (15:42 min)

This module is important because being able to actually USE in stead of just create mindmaps will give you so much benefit over all other regular mindmap creators!


Module 103: Productivity
Total Training Time In This Module: 31:30 min

You learn how to become more productive. Not just by mindmapping, but by using mindmaps and focussing on just a few things which are very important.

Learning how to do this, you will move forward faster than the people around you! In module 2 we look at

  • The 80-20 rule (7:10 min)
  • Getting things done (9:27 min)
  • AHHHHH Too many mindmap software tools (7:10 min)
  • Practical speed reading tips (7:33 min)

This module teaches you exactly how you can be much more productive using practical techniques, tips and templates.


Module 104: To Mindmap… Or Not
Total Training Time In This Module: 31:00 min

There is so much more than ‘just’ mind mapping. In this module we have a look at another technique which looks like mind mapping. Also, you will understand when to use your mindmap to your advantage in a number of different situations.

  • And now for something completely different (12:55 min)
  • Mindmaps don’t work… :) (8:32 min)
  • Do’s and Don’ts in mind mapping (9:33 min)

Taking in the knowledge of this module enables you to move beyond simple mindmaps and actually become a much more visual thinker.


Module 105: Moving Forward
Total Training Time In This Module: 37:50 min

The moving forward module helps you to go from a mindmap creator to an authority in your field who creates practical visual overviews.

  • The quest for the perfect mindmap (6:45 min)
  • The lone ranger (5:42 min)
  • Creating overview in your life (8:50 min)
  • Team work with mindmaps (5:45 min)
  • Conquer stress easily (6:33 min)
  • What to do next with your skills (5:00 min)

This final module is all about making you a more visual thinker. You will receive more respect from your peers because you are able to communicate clear and direct on any topic!



The Result Of This Training

You not just learn about mind mapping. You learn how to get more things done! You manage yourself much better, work smarter and remove lots and lots of stress from your life.

Getting all the information is only one click away.


Don’t you like to risk your money either? We’ve got that in common.

You don’t risk anything when you say yes to my offer right now. You receive a 30 day no questions, money back guarantee.

Here’s how it works. If you for any reason (or no reason at all) decide this product isn’t for you in the next 30 days, you send me an email to let me know. I will refund you your purchase promptly and without question.


This means you have absolutely nothing to lose!


Your Training Investment

5 Training modules which instruct you exactly how to USE mindmaps, not just create them. You don’t want to become a person who wants to create perfect mindmaps. You want to take your information, organize it and make FULL USE of it!

That’s exactly what this training will show you.

That is why this training is only $ 97. Only $ 19.40 per module.

But wait… since you took the time to go through this entire page, I want to take $ 20 of the price, just for you, just today. So…

Not  $ 97 But Only $ 77

I understand I’ll start today with this online training and I’ll receive all the 22 training lessons of the Mind Mapping Boot Camp Training for a tiny one-time payment of just € 97 € 77 when I act now!

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since I receive a 30-day money-back guarantee if I’m not satisfied in anyway.

I receive the first 2 lessons immediately after this payment.